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Whether you’re hunting for a high-yield savings account, a low-fee checking account or a CD, you’ll find smart banking options.

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Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Certificate of deposits (CDs) could be a good place for your funds if you’re looking to earn additional interest and it’ll be a while before you need to access the money you’re setting aside. Online banks tend to pay higher rates than brick-and-mortar banks.


Money Markets

Money market is an ideal investment for individuals who want safety and liquidity. Most money market investments offer maturities ranging from one day to one year. Money market accounts are ideal for anyone who carries high balances in their more traditional accounts.


Savings Accounts

Unlike checking accounts, most savings accounts don’t include checks for accessing the funds and limit the number of withdrawals. The best savings accounts often come with great customer service, cutting-edge technology and higher-than-average interest rates, and they should have low or no fees


Checking Accounts

Checking accounts are great for daily use in general, but the online variety have several benefits over accounts from traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Checking accounts, like savings and money market accounts, are insured up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) at banks.